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Why be a pretentious tool when you can embrace things for their individual merit? Your not liking something doesn’t make it bad, and bashing it without understanding it only makes you seem feeble-minded.

Bless u so much Ashe

To tell truth, I honestly lost track of however many GogBlogs I have done thus far and so I am taking .. not-so educated guesses on what number I am on. (This isn’t really what I wanted to talk about..I’ve been thinking a lot lately, running over my the timeline of my life as far as I can remember and it doesn’t take a genius to point out that there’s something wrong with me (Oh, if you only knew) .. 

Last year I thought I was over my “issues” but it still lingers on inside me. I thought that avoiding relationships for a while would “cure” me. Now, I find that all I have done was cover them up and threw them aside inside this “room” in my mind. These “issues”  sit in a “box” and I’ve let an old visitor back into my head. I never allow people to probe my mind, and when I do, I make sure to hide away the “issues” I have lying around so they aren’t burdened by the clutter. I hide them because the “issues” make me into someone I never want to be. Ever again. I cover everything up and re-furnish the place to make myself look presentable.  For some reason, I left this “box” out for her to look at, break down, analyze, and build up the way she wants to. It’s painful to be tore down by her, examined, and questioned.. but I think I am getting better (not really).


My “issues” are still here. As much as I will them to fade out in mere seconds, they are the only way I know how to get through things and I am still clinging to each one. Without it, I would be a weak and insecure crybaby who fails to try at anything. 

When I say I can’t “love”, I mean it.. because the “love” people speak of is totally different from mine.